Adi Nusser

We welcome Prof. Adi Nusser as the new dean of our department starting the first of April 2022, replacing Prof. Ehud Behar.

Greetings from the dean


The Technion Physics Department Is home to those who seek to uncover the inner workings of the Universe, from tiny subatomic particles to the cosmic horizon at 10 billion light years. We study aspects of the broadest range of human knowledge: Quantum Sciences, Einstein’s theory of Relativity, Atoms and Molecules, Astrophysics and Cosmology, Complexity of biological and Ecological Systems, Condensed Matter, High Energy Physics and Plasma Physics.

The Technion Physics undergraduate and graduate programs are diverse and adaptive, with the goal of empowering and inspiring the next generation of original thinkers in science and innovative technology. A creative and dynamic approach, aided by top-notch research and teaching infrastructures, enables us to forge a strong bond between research and education, both at the highest level.

The department advances strong international ties and hosts numerous international conferences via the Lewiner Institute for Theoretical Physics. As part of Israel’s top Technology Institute, the department miantains joint initiatives with fellow Technion engineering departments. We are also associated with several research institutes at the Technion, including the Asher Space Research Institute (ASRI), Helen Diller Quantum Center, Russell Berrie Nanotechnological Institute and the Solid State Institute.

The Technion Physics family is always excited to attract new curious students and creative researchers, from Israel and abroad.
Hoping to see you among us!


Adi Nusser, Dean of the Technion Physics Department