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The Helen Diller Quantum Center recently launched PodQuantum, a new unique Podcast

 in Hebrew featuring Quantum Experts at the Technion who share their personal and academic path, research achievements and their vision for the future of quantum science.

The podcast series is designed to make people in general – and Technion students in particular – more comfortable with and curious about the field of quantum science.
The Quantum Center at the Technion was established with the support of the Helen Diller Foundation and is engaged in encouraging and supporting research in the fields of quantum science and technology. Over 50 faculty members from six faculties from across the Technion, including our department, are involved in Quantum research within the Center including: Quantum Computing, Quantum Communication, Quantum Simulations, Quantum Sensors and Quantum Matter.

The host of the PodQuantum Shai Tsesses is completing his PhD in electrical engineering and holds a dual bachelor’s degree, in physics and electrical engineering. When he isn’t interviewing researchers voluntarily, he studies the transfer of topological properties between light and matter on a nanometer scale. On the uniqueness of the PodQuantum Shai shares "We have noticed that the field of quantum science and technology is perceived on the one hand as an unclear field that is difficult to join, and on the other hand as an area that isn’t worth joining at all for students at the Technion in particular, and in Israel in general." "The purpose of the podcast," Shay adds, "is to present quantum science and scientists to the lay population as much as possible, so that they see that the demon is not so terrible and expose them to interesting behind-the-scenes stories of science, in a way that usually does not come up in lectures."

So far, four podcasts have aired. The first in the series was held with Prof. Emeritus Yosi Avron from the department, who serves as the director of the Helen Diller Quantum Center. In the second episode, Shai interviews Prof. Ido Kaminer from the Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the Technion. The third podcast took place with research Prof. Moti Segev and the fourth and final podcast introduced new faculty member Anna Keselman who recently joined our department.