Our research addresses a wide variety of open questions in fundamental physics.



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Theoretical particle physics
We study theoretical extensions of the standard model, motivated by various open problems. There is a close and active interaction between our group and experimental groups.
Research topics include:
- Model building
- LHC searches for physics beyond the standard model
- Dark matter
- Flavor
Experimental High Energy physic
The experimental group  is part of the ATLAS collaboration at CERN.
The activity of the group includes:
- Higgs physics, Dark Matter and  searches for other options of physics beyond the standard model.
- Designing, building and operating muon detectors for the ATLAS experiment
- Developing reconstruction and trigger software for the muon detectors of ATLAS
Formal field theory and string theory
We study formal aspects of quantum field theory and string theory.Our group is very diverse and covers almost all modern trends in the field.
Particular research topics include:
- The gauge gravity duality and its applications
- Field theories at strong coupling
- Supersymmetric field theories - Dualities


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