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Shmuel Fishman

Fishman, Shmuel   Memoriam


Professor Emeritus

Eulogy for Shmuel Fishman by Doron Cohen

Eulogy by Guy Dori

Eulogy by Hagar Veksler

Eulogy by Yosi Avron

Eulogy by Nimrod Moiseyev

Eulogy by Yuval Gefen

Eulogy by Yevgeny Bar Lev

Eulogy by Sir Michael Berry

Shmuel was a prominent professor in the faculty and a dear friend to many of us. He was a warm, educating mentor and in his uncompromising passion for physics he has educated students and scientists, many of whom excel today in academia and elsewhere.

Shmuel was one of the pioneers of "Quantum Chaos" research and is well known for providing the theoretical foundation for "dynamical localization", a dramatic way in which quantum-to-classical correspondence is broken. Over his glorious career Shmuel made numerous contributions to the understanding of phase transitions, driven dynamical systems, and non-linear effects in atom optics.

Shmuel’s contribution to the faculty over the years was significant beyond his leading science. The faculty of physics and its academic quality were of great importance to him. Although retired a few years ago, Shmuel continued to teach and instruct graduate students until his last day.