Oren Bergman

Bergman, Oren   Faculty
Email:   bergman@physics.technion.ac.il
Topic:   High Energy Physics
Office:LITP Room:415 Phone:073-378-3546 
Homepage: https://phsites.technion.ac.il/strings/
Research Interests & Publications:  

Fields of research: string theory, quantum field theory

Current interests and recent research:

String theory is a very dynamic field and has many directions and applications. Currently I'm mainly interested in higher dimensional (meaning > 4) quantum field theories. These are notoriously problematic, but there have been many recent interesting developments. For example, we have recently identified a large class of five dimensional field theories that have ``holographic" gravity duals. I'm also interested in the application of string theory techniques to low energy condensed matter physics, and in particular to the study of interacting topological states of matter.