סגל חדש טכניון 2022

הפקולטה לפיזיקה גאה לצרף לשורותיה את חברת הסגל החדשה אנה קסלמן אשר חוקרת מצב מוצק תאורטי.

על מחקרה משתפת אנה:

My research focuses on quantum many-body systems. In such systems interactions between many particles give rise to novel emergent phenomena in which quantum entanglement plays a crucial role. In particular I am is interested in frustrated quantum magnets and topological phases in electronic systems. I like studying microscopic models relevant for real materials and thinking about signatures for the appearance of novel phases of matter in experiments.
In my studies I employ state of the art numerical techniques appropriate for the study of strongly correlated systems such as the density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) and related tensor network methods.


ברוכה הבאה אנה ובהצלחה!