The topological insulator and a parasitic metal - friends or foes?

TYPECondensed Matter Seminar
Speaker:Doron Bergman
Location:Lidow Asher Peres (502)
In the flurry of experiments looking for topological insulator
materials, it has been recently discovered that some bulk metals very
close to topological insulator electronic states support the same
topological surface states that are the defining characteristic of the
topological insulator. First observed in spin-polarized angle resolved
photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) in Sb [D. Hsieh et al., Science
323, 919 (2009)], the helical surface states in the metallic systems
appear to be robust to at least mild disorder. We present here a
theoretical investigation of the nature of these “helical metals”—bulk
metals with helical surface states. We explore how the surface and
bulk states can mix, in both clean and disordered systems, as well as
discuss possible magnetoelectric coupling phenomena.