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"Parity-time symmetry in Optics"

TYPESpecial Seminar-Electrical Engineering Department
Speaker:Professor Demetrios Christodoulides
Affiliation:CREOL - The College of Optics & Photonics, University of Central Florida, U.S.A.
Location:Meyer EE 1003
Remark:Host: Distinguished Professor Moti Segev
Abstract:PT-symmetric photonics represents a new and rapidly growing research direction that has resulted in the demonstration
of several intriguing effects that would have been otherwise impossible in standard Hermitian (conservative) systems.
This talk aims to provide an overview of recent developments in this area with particular emphasis on a series of
experiments carried out in the last two years. These include PT-symmetric micro-ring lasers, laser dynamics around
exceptional points, PT-synthetic lasers and unidirectional invisibility.