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Information, quanta and gravity: life and physics of Asher Peres

Speaker:Daniel Terno
Affiliation:School of Mathematical & Physical Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney
Time:14:30 - 15:30
Location:Lidow Rosen Auditorium (323)

Asher Peres (1934-2005) was part of the Technion for more than half of its history. His life reflected the turbulent twentieth century history. His work contributed to (or even shaped) many areas of the twentieth century physics and the twenty-first century technology.  

The topics that interested Asher ranged from gravitational waves and cosmology to foundations of quantum theory, chaos, quantum information theory and tests of fundamental physics. Some of the contributions are well- known to the experts, while others passed from being novel technical tools to basic facts about physics that are now accepted as self-evident. 

I will discuss different aspects Asher’s work and how they blend into one big picture and his influence on several generation of physicists.  Many of my favourite Peres quotes – on life and physics – are still relevant, while some of the stories of his life may be inspirational in our new period of interesting times.