Effects of disorder in microscopic models of heat conduction in one dimensional dielectrics

TYPEComputational science seminar
Speaker:Tal Kachman Aviv
Affiliation:Mechanical Engineering, Technion
Organizer:Joan Adler
Location:Lidow 620
Remark:see abstract at http://phycomp.technion.ac.il/~phr76ja/CPsem.html
Abstract:Understanding transport phenomena in the micro scale is of interest
from both the fundamental theoretical point of view as well as the practical
one. The problem of classical heat conduction in 1D system is a well known
one. The problem regards the validity of Fourier law in this setting. In
our research we investigate the heat transfer in broader context, taking
into account the non-stationary processes.

In this talk we will report the investigation of the phenomena of non-
stationary heat conduction in one-dimensional linear and nonlinear chains
(classical models of dielectrics), by combining molecular dynamics simu-
lations and analytic investigation. Two main aspects of our research were
the transport of kinetic energy through periodic chains (both integrable
and non-integrable) and through disordered chains. We also investigate
how the effects of disorder affect the transport mechanism