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Research of Plasma in Pulsed High-Current Electron Sources and High Power Microwave Devices

TYPEPlasma Physics
Speaker:Tal Queller
Affiliation:Physics Department, Technion
Location:Lidow 724
Remark:Ph.D. Seminar
Abstract:Research of Plasma in Pulsed High-Current Electron Sources and High-Power Microwave Devices
Results of experimental research of plasma related aspects in pulsed high-current electron sources and high-power microwave devices will be presented. In the double-gap vircator, the plasma role in the phenomena of pulse shortening and microwave generation are addressed, and in a relativistic magnetron, the effect of the strong RF field on the cathode plasma uniformity is shown. Results of study of a promising new pulsed plasma source for high-current relativistic electron beam generation will also be presented. The plasma formation mechanism on the surface of this cathode is addressed, using spectroscopic measurement methods and fast framing light imaging.