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נושא מחקר:   פיזיקה מתמטית
משרד:קומפלקס לידוב חדר: 357 טלפון: 073-378-3853 
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Research Interests & Publications:  

My research focuses on questions of ``quantum engineering'', a budding area of research which focusses on application of the quantum mechanics to nano-technology.  I am interested in the control and manipulation of quantum systems, enhanced precision and sensitivities that reflect quantum features, such as quantum entanglement, sensitivity of quantum systems to outside interventions and noise. I do theory, and use methods of mathematical physics, geometry, spectral theory, analysis, and animations.

Selected Publication:

  • J. E. Avron and O. Kenneth,  Entanglement and the geometry of two qubits, Ann. Phys., 324, 470-496, (2009).

  • J. E. Avron and O. Raz, A geometric theory of swimming: Purcell's swimmer and its symmetrized cousin, New J. Phys., 10, 063016, (2008) .

  • J. E. Avron,  G. Bisker, D. Gershoni, N. H. Lindner, E. A. Meirom and R. J. Warburton, Entanglement on Demand through Time Reordering. Phys. Rev. Lett., 100, 120501, (2008).

  • O. Raz and J. E. Avron, Swimming, pumping and gliding at low Reynolds numbers, New J. Phys., 9, 437, (2007).

  • J. E. Avron and O. Kenneth, Swimming in curved space Or The Baron and the Cat,  New J. Phys., 8, 68 (2006).

  • N. Akopian, N.H. Lindner, E. Poem. Y. Berlatzky,  J. Avron, D. Gershoni, D.B. Gerardot and P.M. Petroff, Entangled photon pairs from a semiconductor quantum dot, Phys. Rev. Lett., 96, 130501 (2006)

  • J. E. Avron, B. Gutkin and D. Oaknin, Topological swimming in a quantum sea, Phys. Rev. Lett., 96, 130602 (2006).

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